Solo 3 Gallon  Specialty Sprayer (Wheeled) 457-ROLLABOUT

Solo 3 Gallon Specialty Sprayer (Wheeled) 457-ROLLABOUT

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Take our full featured Solo 457 professional 3 gallon handheld sprayer, add our heavy-duty two wheel caddy and you have a new and improved Solo 457 Rollabout. The wheels carry the weight. Our heavy-duty wheeled caddy is designed to handle rough terrain and adds stability when tank is upright. Increased tank size from 2.25 gallon to a full 3 gallon. Designed to make quick work of big jobs. The larger tank and caddy profile add height, which is a backsaver when pumping and carting. Extra long 72" hose makes it convenient to park the sprayer and go about remote spraying tasks. Large rugged piston pump for quick pressurization. Built-in valve for optional inflation by air compressor. Large 4.5" tank opening for easy filling and cleaning. HDPE tank with UV inhibitors is long lasting and resists corrosion. 28" Lightweight, unbreakable wand and commercial shut-off valve with lock-on / lock-off feature minimize fatigue. Includes four-nozzle assortment for multiple spraying tasks. For safety a pressure relief valve releases excess pressure.

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