Oregon Lawn Mower Blades Selector

Oregon Lawn Mower Blades Selector

How do I use this blade lookup?
The blade lookup is designed to accept either a blade length or a manufacturer's blade part number. Adding additional information like the mower's manufacturer or the center hole shape narrows the search. A list of Oregon blades matching the criteria entered will be displayed with a picture and dimensions. Note the results will be limited to 100 blades - so it is important to provide any information you can to narrow the search.

Do you know the manufacturer of your lawn mower?
If yes - select the manufacturer from the drop down list.

Do you know the manufacturer's part # for your blade?
If you do - Congratulations you're done! Enter the part # in box.
We can provide a list of all Oregon blades, both exact manufacturer replacement and Oregon Gator® and Fusion® blades that will work on your mower.

The part number may be stamped on the blade. If you find a stamped part number but are unsure if it is the original blade from the manuafcturer leave the manufacturer as "All Available" above so that the stamped blade part # can be searched for across aftermarket replacement blades as well as the Original manufacturer.

Find blades based on dimensions
If you don't know the manufacturer's part number we can identify a replacement based on the dimensions of your current blade.
You must provide a blade length and optionally the type of center hole(s) on the blade. The Oregon search will return blades matching your blade length within a 3/4" range. For example if you select a length of 21-1/2" you will see all blades between 21 1/4 and 22 inches in  length.